Heyo! I'm a Web & Software Engineer. I work both in-house and with private clients programming Applications, Websites & E-Commerce Solutions.

I love working with JavaScript, React, Node, Sass/Less, PHP, MySQL, Webpack, Git, Docker & beyond...


For Clients

I build web solutions for businesses of all sizes, with customized commercial results in mind.

Website Speed (optimization) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are key elements I focus on, to ensure the success of every project I am involved in.

Whilst I am well versed in UX principles my skill set centres on the coding element of website build. I generally work on projects for agencies & private clients who already have a design in mind. If this is not the case, I do have project management experience and am happy to source a team of professionals to execute the design portion of your job as required.

My clients love working with me because I am reliable, knowledgable, fast, friendly and easy to communicate with, you can check out some reviews and get in touch below.

For Recruiters & Employers

I work across both the front & back-end spectrums, but am particularly passionate about front end code and developing pixel-perfect solutions down to the finest design detail.

I have both agency and in-house experience and enjoy working under both settings equally.

I am confident communicating with folks from all backgrounds and experiences and love sharing my passion for clean effective UI solutions with like-minded individuals.

I have extensive professional experience working with JavaScript, React, PHP, MySQL, Git, Grunt/Less, Codeigniter, WordPress, HTML5 & CSS3.I Learn quickly and am always open to taking on new languages, processes & frameworks.


Esther is an all-round quality employee, with excellent communication skills, an eye for detail and a dedication for her craft. Not only does she take direction well and contribute to the vibrant workplace culture, but she also conscientiously works well autonomously. She is extremely skilled in her field and would make a valuable addition to any team.

  ―  Michael Ranga - Barking Bird, Lead Developer

As a designer I’m constantly looking for web developers who know what they’re doing and will keep in the loop as the job progresses. Esther constantly keeps the line of communication open, she is able to effectively communicate tech issues in a way that everyone can understand. Esther will go to all lengths to ensure that a provided design is achieved down to the finest detail. Esther is highly responsive, responsible, and very skilled at what she does.

  ―  Karmen Lee - Hello Karma, Lead Designer